Memory Lane

In his teens, he experimented with Akai tapedecks, a Roland SH-101 monophonic synthesizer and Korg DDM-110 drummachine. The music he made was much like that of Human League, Jarre, Vangelis and Lime, as well as Italo-Disco and HighEnergy-Disco. In addition, he dubbed his multitracks from one tapedeck to the other tapedeck. Later, he used four-track multitrack recorders. He expanded his collection of instruments by adding a DDM-220 percussionmachine to replace it later by a Roland TR-505. His music became more complex, partly through the use of a Roland Juno6, Roland Juno60 and a Kawai K1. He later experimented with MIDI and a PC with Musicator sequencersoftware. He used various synthesizers and modules that he connected to each other via MIDI Out / MIDI thru and he made lots of demos and backingtracks for slideshows / presentations. Over the years Parona bought a great number of analog and digital synthesizers and modules. For example a Korg M1, Korg M3R, Akai S700 sampler, Yamaha MM6 and Korg PS60.

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