Parona a.k.a. Ricky Nathalia composes, produces and distributes (Soundcloud) ambient-, lounge- and deephousetracks in different styles/grooves. His music, sounddesigns, beatmixes and mixtapes have been used for a variaty of events, performances and business-promotions.

For several years now Parona focusses himself to making beats, lounge-, ambient- and deephousetracks. All his compositions are audibly influenced by Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kitaro and other kinds of NewAge-music. Even some of his tracks are good to use as scoremusic to support videopresentations or documentaries.

Parona also produces DJmixes, radioshows and podcasts inwhich a variety of different styles of Deephouse-music is chiefly represented. The clubmixes were streamed by several (internet)radiostations. Recently his mixes are streamed by iTURN-radio. The podcasts were, until recently, to be found on this website. They will be re-posted soon on another website, that will be launched during the summer of 2017. At this moment there is a audiostream online which represents deephouse-, techno- and electromusic. 'Rix Deephouse Audiostream' is hosted by Parona and powered by


In the beginning...

In his childhood he composed many tracks by experimenting with multitrackrecording using analogue tapedecks, sampling and editing, sequencing Yamaha-/Roland-/Akai-synthesizers and during live-jams. Nowadays he uses mostly virtual synth-modules in different production softwareprograms. His productions can be classified as electronic instrumental, chill, lounge, ambient and deephouse aswell as melodic and harmonic.


 "...don't be afraid of going slow, be afraid of standing still..."

(Chinese proverb)

parona feb2017